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The Royal Treatment Atlantis Signature Massage
This full body massage is a fully customized treatment that draws on your talented therapist’s variety of body work styles to fit your unique needs. We highly recommend this treatment, which will be tailored to fit your needs, if you are unsure about the type of massage you prefer. This treatment is expected to be different each time it is performed, yet royally unforgettable.
30 Minute $55, 60 Minute $86, 90 Minute $112

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage is perfect for those clients who enjoy more pressure for greater release of muscle tension. This massage will break up those tight knots and enhance blood flow and euphoric endorphins leaving you feeling loose and relaxed.
30 Minute $55, 60 Minute $86, 90 Minute $112

Hot Stone Massage
Enjoy the therapeutic effect of our smooth heated river stones that help to gently relax the tension and stress in your muscles and allow a deep massage naturally. Initially your body will be massaged by the hot stones, followed by a traditional hand massage that allows the deep relaxation for your total well being.
60 Minute $105, 90 Minute $132

Sports Therapy Massage
Sports Massage prepares athletes for optimal athletic performance and aids in the recovery from injury. This massage technique allows muscles to work more efficiently by stretching the muscle fibers and releasing the connective tissue between muscles. Benefits of sports massage include increased flexibility, relief from sore muscles, and improved breathing, energy, and endurance.
30 Minute $55, 60 Minute $86, 90 Minute $112

Mother To Be Maternity Massage
This massage is custom designed to address the special needs of the pregnant mother after the first trimester. Particular attention and care is taken to focus on those sensitive areas, leaving mom and baby in a total feeling of prenatal bliss.
60 Minute $128

Romantic Couples Massage
Our couples massage is a wonderful, well-known treatment that is emotionally and physically therapeutic. Our romantic massage is extremely effective in uncovering feelings of increased intimacy and togetherness for you and your significant other. With beds located side by side you and your partner will feel a relaxed and refreshed in a renewed sense of oneness.
60 Minute $148, 90 minute $220

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